2015 – A Pseudo Burlesque

Author’s Note: I won’t bore you to death. I do not promise.

When I met 2015 on 1st January 2015, I thought he looked particularly glum.

He was the kind of guy who gave no indication of what he was thinking so you can imagine how anxious I was. Photo on 7-13-15 at 6.43 PM
“Oh no” I wept “Am I really stuck with you for a (full) year?”
“Yes” 2015 nodded slowly. “We in this for the long haul babe”. He smiled a little then, showing a hint of perfect teeth.
I sighed. Perhaps there was yet hope.
We began on a skeptical note, eyeing each other from across the room.
“What you got?” I asked suspiciously.
“Hehe” 2015 said, not laughing. “Let’s see”

1st quarter: January – March 2015

I don’t recall January’s details but I turned 22 in february. No I didn’t throw a sweet 22 party at my house and invite my friends. I’m not really the extroverted party lover. Or maybe I lived in a not-so-ideal ‘hut’ in Ojuelegba and I couldn’t have thrown a cool party even if I wanted to, let’s not forget that I actually have just one or two friends. Who throws a birthday party for three? 😀

“Twenty two!” 2015 screamed in my ears. “That’s old. What you gon’ do with your life? huh honey?”

“Shut up. You’re no more than a year.” I snapped  Photo on 7-8-15 at 4.03 PM

“I’m actually less than a year now” 2015 replied.

I sighed, as usual.

There was work. If you know me you’ll probably be familiar with the fact that I work as a Software developer at Hotels.ng. When I refer to work subsequently, this is solely what I mean.

There was code, work and more work. The first quarter of 2015 passed before I could say RumbleGordonHapppleMotleySnellySandrasAndrogat. (This word means nothing. Please do not Google).

The only possible things of interest that happened in this quarter were that I attended my convocation ceremony and took a picture or two – Officially a graduate; and I was invited by Lara and Moyin to NACOSS week via GDG women techmakers in OAU – Obafemi Awolowo University, where I gave a pet little talk and had an amazing time.
“Can you beat that?” 😀 I asked the 2015

“Boring” He answered, crushing my non-existent spirit. I did not give up.

2nd quarter: April – June 2015

Things got more exciting. For one I got an unexpected raise at work. Nothing fancy, just a number of kobos added. Okay it was fancy! 2015 watched patronizingly as I smiled to the bank. Then, I moved houses too; Found a modest tent somewhere in LagosPhoto on 9-16-15 at 7.58 AM to lay my weak head at night. Around this time a major software re-engineering project had kicked off at work so I can only say I had more work. To be fair, 2015 stood by me and I had no breakdown or any other weird situation-Like childbirth or something.

I might have gotten the computer of my dreams in this quarter. I don’t know. Deep things didn’t happen here. Only material things did. They felt a bit nice.

“The Pleasure is temporary” 2015 sneered every time.
“Give it a few days”.

He was always right.

3rd quarter: July to September


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.20.09 PM

Third quarter saw me at an all time low.

Worry. Depression. Love? It was quite the time of emotions for me. I thought a lot about my Career, Life and frankly I think my quarter-life crisis kicked in at this period. I even thought about the horrors of marriage at a point. (For perspective, I’ll have you know that marriage is one of the things relegated to the background in my head, along with social studies and home economics Politics too) I thought it was sad that I hardly read books anymore and I asked myself a hundred times if I was going to be stuck in a predictable, routine life – Wake up, eat, write code, sleep – forever.

“You are in the phase of practising to be what you’ve always wanted to be” 2015 said, being Fatherly. It was so strange I couldn’t process it.

“What’s that?” I asked, pensive. 🙁

“A seasoned software developer.”

I dived into work by way of reply.

I also snuck away to Abuja for a week to see my family in this quarter after having not seen them for eight months and left with a resolution to become a better daughter. (That actually means calling home every other day). I didn’t.

4th quarter: October – December

Give it up for what was the best and worst Quarter!
Early in this time I travelled to Houston, Texas for a Computing event. It was a wonderful week of strange food, a Magnificent Hotel and white people. When it was over, something had changed about me and I told 2015.

“What Changed?” He’d ask. By now he had become weaker and no longer wore a silly attitude all the time.Photo on 12-31-15 at 10.48 AM #2

“Never mind” I’d say with a faraway look in my eyes.  Suffice it to say that I had a great time. This quarter was tainted only by the National Youth Service Corps Orientation course which was three weeks of camping and sleeping on bunks and a number of other things I do not like recalling.


To Summarize, I :

  • Picked up a lot of Software Skills. You can say my most reasonable achievement of the year was in software. I’m serious, you can say it.
  • …Wink Wink
  • Did not write as much as I like to.
  • Did not fight as much as I like to.
  • hardly read books. 🙁 Mostly did Blogs.

I feel like my life sped past while I watched helplessly.

Book of the year : The Rosie Project.
Movie of the year: Antman.(Yes, Antman)
Person of the year: 🙂 This is going to be hard
Hobby of the year: Going to the Cinema with an amazing Partner.


Don’t be deceived by this Post.The concept of a new year as a turning point has never appealed or made sense to me. 2016 is literally tomorrow.Tomorrow.



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