Lynda is a Software developer, who is not about to fall out of love with writing meaningful code. She grew up mostly in the Northern States of Nigeria. No, She cannot speak any of the languages found there, yet.

Some of the technologies she works well with are PHP, Javascript, HTML(5), CSS , JQUERY, Sphinx, MongoDB, NodeJS, AngularJS, Objective C, Linux Servers and Git -Version Control- in no particular order.

In fact, her current favorite thing to do is create random iOS Apps in the hopes  that she will end up with one she would like to publish to the App Store.

If you wanted a list of all the programming languages/technologies she has written code in, you’ll have to add the following to the list:Java, C++, Python.

She is also a recent Computer Science and Statistics graduate. (She attended and graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with an Upper Second Class Honors Degree.- Class of 2014)

Lynda currently works with Brandbastion as a full-stack developer.

She was formerly a developer in the largest Hotel Booking Agency in Nigeria.

Likes: Coding, reading , writing and art – drawing, to be specific.

Favorite apps/Software: Git, Slack, Dropbox, Skype, Google Maps, Google Keep,  Todoist…

Aspiration: To be phenomenal in roles that involve game changing.

Belief: She believes in making an impact. For her, the only way to feel fulfilled is to know that work done is impacting – preferably on a grander scale.

Where can I find Lynda?: You can find Lynda on Twitter, or here on this blog.