Borrowing Life Tips From The Keyword Mania.

It’s a keyword life we live in.

If that doesn’t resonate you’re probably not in the internet business. Fortunately, you are just like me. I am not in the internet business.Not technically. I am also not here to help you increase the efficiency of your ads. I will speak rather on life, people and what we can learn from two words that became one.


Ever noticed how something you say sets people off?

Come on, there has to be at least one instance in which you have let slip one word, or two, that set off flames. Maybe blood.


Every avid Google search user knows consciously or subconsciously, that key words used in search terms make a lot of difference in search results.

I want to propose a conscious way to get the results you want from people. With keywords. You see, the reverse of putting people off by mentioning particular words is actually valid. You can learn, then use those words to largely control others’ perception of you favorably; and their behaviour towards you too. It is basically telling people what they’ll like to hear but with a cleaner method. Here you wouldn’t be saying a bunch of things that might not have any effect or that will have fuzzy ones. The impact with keywords, are pretty direct and lasting.

The key to learning what words will turn the favor of people in your direction is a combination of observation, deduction and observation again. Not an easy mix I know, but, when you get in the habit of learning people’s keywords, It’ll become easier.

There is a catch however. You have to be alert and dynamic. The keyword list for people, though they largely remain within the same set in terms of context, grow. Keeping up with these will ideally keep you in tons of ‘good books’ forever.

We must be careful however of being carried away, or becoming monotonous in our attempts to use particular words. Though they might still have the desired effects, the chances of a desperation to achieve them being perceived is a real possibility.