Do We Always Get What We Want?


🙂  A hasty answer to the above question would be “Of course not! get.what.we want.” For good measure, my replier might even add a “duh!” at the end of the sentence and emphasize it with a look that translates to “Are you seriously asking that question”? -if looks could be so read…

Well, for the record I’m aware/I think that we do not always get what we want, which is a good thing, or bad, depending on how you look at it, where you look at it from, and what the object of one’s want is.

So, why do I ask such a seemingly dumb question?

Because, we do some things.

Like, wait for “true love”. Forever.

So, let’s assume that love truly exists as the magical phenomena that it is often purported to be.

Now, if this is so, isn’t it unwise to assume that everyone who wanted love was going to find it? Seeing as we know that we do not always get what we want? When I hear words like “Settling”, “making do” said with a pinch of disgust, (btw, sometimes I do this), I wonder if we(i)  are(am) not getting ahead of ourselves(myself)  and being hopelessly optimistic(in a bad way).

Assuming that we are always going to get what we want is like assuming that poor people were going to cease existing, death was going to disappear, everyone who wanted to be tall would be tall, or everyone one would be exceedingly beautiful. The list goes on and on.

It is making a false assumption, that everyone was going to get everything they wanted.

It is like assuming that the world is becoming a better place. Like assuming there would be no uneven scales.

Sometimes, we have to make do. That is the hard fact of life. It is that way for some people. Some have it easy, some have it difficult, but, it is still life.

I sound pessimistic(or realistic as I would prefer to term it), I guess, but I truly get bothered when ideals we place for ourselves, causes us so much heart ache. I often feel it could be better. Life could have better quality despite what we are presented with.

I will end this with a little illustration. To buttress my point.

In a little village, there lived a princess, and two paupers; the paupers were also little girls. Same age as the princess even. Now,one pauper, of course, wanted to have what the princess had, the food, clothes, pretty hair clips etc. She wanted to be like her, and consequently got sad when she had plain food for dinner; Which was every time.

Now, the second pauper, for some reason, did not long so much after what the princess had, although she would have been overjoyed at the opportunity, if she were to have it, it didn’t cause her much worry. She accepted her place in the world, because she couldn’t change it. Needless to say, her life was happier.

Now, this post is not to disparage/discourage going after what one wants, rather it seeks to ask a question. This question: if, it is indeed wise to assume, that one was always going to get what one wanted. This thinking leads to immense dissatisfaction in spirit and a sadder life methinks. Accepting what indeed cannot be directly influenced, or changed, though it sounds hopeless, might be better in some lights.

In the ‘love’ phenomena,for instance, we cannot actually MAKE it happen. It just happens or does not…But then i wouldn’t know