How To Resolve A Problem

Identifying a problem is a compulsory preliminary step to resolution of the problem.

After identifying the problem, here’s how I think it should be resolved.

1. Do Not Avoid The Problem


This is clear enough but let’s just reiterate. The first  thing not to do when you have a problem to resolve is avoid it. You do not avoid thinking about it, you do not avoid talking about it, you do not avoid seeing it. You just don’t. You open your mind, eyes and head to the fact that the problem exists. 

2. Do not beat about the bush.


Depending on what your problem is, you might prefer to be subtle/indirect. You might also want to approach it circuitously. All of which you should/may not do. Thank you. Approach the problem as directly as possible. Just the way you would walk up to a person you’re very familiar with, like your friend.

3. Deal with facts.

Try to avoid bringing in things that have not been proven to be true in evaluating the problem. stick stick stick to facts.

4. Do not play the Victim.


It is absolutely necessary not to slide into a pity puddle when attempting to resolve a problem. Do not ever get into the “why is this happening to me?”/”why are you doing this to me”s. They suck and do nothing but distort the issue. As much as possible try to keep the emotions out. It does help to.

5. Focus on the solution


It is a problem and we want to resolve it by solving it. Not dwelling on it. Basically, the whole point of resolving a problem is the solution. Focusing on this makes it easy to not be distracted by pointing fingers or going over the details of the problem again and again.The latter might be necessary but only as a means, obviously not as an end.

6. Listen and be Open minded.


Especially if the problem involves other persons. Apart from the fact that people want to be heard, it is of paramount importance that communication takes place during problem resolution. Lack of bias is a very significant indicator of an ideal and progressive resolution process. Pretend for that moment that your opinions (even the ones you feel strongly about) do not make sense and listen to other parties before processing your opinions. You may be suprised at the outcome.

  • some problems can go away with time, just by waiting them out

    • Lynda

      Lol. Well, there’s that… 🙂


    Moral is face yur problem.. Nd solve it!