How to make non-thinking humans – A recipe

If you have ever wondered how people who do not think are made, this post is for you.

This is a proven method and will work everytime, and anytime.

People usually, are those beautiful fragile things that think. We think so much that sometimes it is all we do.

But, sometimes, you’ll encounter people who seemed to have stopped thinking, and because I thought you’d want to know how that happened, I made a perfect recipe.

Here goes.

1. Give them a tedious, repetitive task that lacks variety: For example, Imagine telling a man to carry a bag of sand from point A to point B. The first time, he’ll probably be energetic and all. Tell him to do it a thousand more times and force him to do it at gunpoint if you have to. Just make sure he has enough energy to actually carry out the task. When he is done, ask him a random question, you’ll see what has happened to his mind. What I’d say happens is the mind goes into an endless loop that becomes so familiar that every other thought is eclipsed but the one engineered by the activity he has to keep doing. That lone thought will curl up at a corner of his mind and the mind will have been fooled into thinking that it was the only relevant thing it could be bothered with.

2.  Take absolute control: Here’s how to do this one. Wait for someone to think. When they have, let them present their thoughts to you. When they do that, take these thoughts, wrap them in foil and put them in the trash can. Then, proceed to think new thoughts for them. Tell me to take your own thoughts  without as much as embellishing it and make it theirs. Do this twenty, fifty, a hundred more times.You’ll witness an almost magical sizzling sight which is the-ability-to-be-proactive-in-thought being burnt beyond recognition. What will happen is their minds will tell them that you’ll always think for them anyways. Then just like that, they’ll stop thinking.

3. Give them something that thinks for them.

So, do this. Get a person who you know you can make a huge impression on – for whatever reason. Then give them a book or person and tell them that the book or person has the ability to think for them, and that they need not bother themselves with menial tasks such as thinking. This one has been proven to work, sometimes even more than the first two.

I would go on but I am determined to make this a short post.


Photo by Tachina Lee

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