It’s Really Happening!

I’m really going to be at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in computing!

Okay, a little History.

Many months ago, Dayo, a friend, shared a link on facebook for the application. A little research on GHC and I enthusiastically  applied. Now, this application was for an all-expense-paid grant to attend the conference as I knew there weren’t many possibilities of my affording to go.

Boom! On June 27th I got an acceptance email. (Funny how some years ago, It would have been I got an acceptance letter!) That was the beginning.

I have never travelled out of Nigeria before so I began the process of securing a passport and a Visa.It was not the smoothest of all things to do, (I even mentally have a whole blog post lined up about my getting-an-American-Visa Experience) but eventually, I had both.

Now, it is exactly 9 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes to the conference and I can’t keep still. I am making notes about sessions and keynotes to prioritize and people/companies to meet. I am particularly interested in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and plan to shape my experience around those areas. Software engineering is also welcome as well, of course.

I’m also a little nervous as it is a little too many first times for me. First time travelling outside Nigeria, First time in America, First time at GHC.

For a sense of belonging, I dug through twitter with the Hashtag #GHC15 for people who are going to be attending too as I personally do not know anyone that is.

Apparently, the excitement is not exclusive to me! 😀

🙂    What can I say?

Oh, and I volunteered for Blogging & Notetaking at this event. You should definitely look forward to a recap of everything I can possibly capture on this blog. Category is GHC15.

Too many thanks to my Sponsors Capital One who made this possible.

Find out more about GHC!


An Introduction To This Madness.

You know that eureka moment you get? Perhaps after a particularly good meal, or an outing with friends, or a meeting with a stranger, or after seeing a movie, or after reading a book, or after a fight? Well, I had one such not long ago. It led to a major decision.


No. I haven’t decided to get married and have 3 children. I haven’t decided to become a priest either. I wish it was something as fancy as deciding to go back to school for a major in law but nah.

I have decided to start writing again.

Apart from the fact that there is nothing particularly spectacular about this, there are a few things to note.

For a long time, I have struggled to write with direction as people usually do. By “direction”, I mean, have a particular theme or genre that is focused on.There is no need to mention that I have failed at this times without number.

It was an unending debate of what to focus on, as there were too many ways I wanted to write. And I wanted to have it all on one platform. The problem with this is I wanted people to know what to expect when they visited my blog.

Otherwise it would be something like :

Visit Blog Day 1 morning: See Fiction

Visit Blog Day 1 evening : See Technology piece

Visit Blog Day 2: See Philosophical musings 

Visit Blog Day 3 morning: See Documentary on wildlife.

Visit Blog Day 3 evening: See Diary

Lol. 😀 See what i mean?

Anyways, i have recently decided that first I must write. Regardless of how disjoint everything seems.

One day perhaps, I shall be able to make sense of it all. Or see the pattern.

For now, let us make do with categories and tags shall we? 🙂

Hi, I’m Lynda.