This my friend, is wisdom

For contextual reasons, let’s agree that these are the definitions of the two terms.

Wisdom : Having Sound judgement.

Knowledge: Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education.

Often, you will compare the outcome of two people who have the same resources and realize that one is infinitely better. Many times, wisdom makes the difference.

Before I proceed, I must note that this piece does not seek to extol the virtues of wisdom over knowledge. It will do more of highlighting the importance of wisdom despite knowledge. I hope.

The main question I’ll answer is which is more important. Wisdom or Knowledge?

Here’s the answer.

Two brothers set out on a journey to a wild forest. Their mission is to recover jewels stolen by a vicious inhabitant of the forest and the trip is a dangerous one. Now one of the brothers – let’s call him Know – is aware of the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy and can literally predict all the enemy’s moves. Wise – the other brother- has no such privilege but is usually only able to know what to do based on Know’s knowledge.

Basically, if they went separately without communicating, Know would know what to expect and Wise would know what to do since he didn’t know what to expect. They went together.

But this story ends badly. Know fails to communicate his knowledge of their enemy’s  peanut allergy to Wise – whom if he had known of it, would have made an invisible coat of peanut oil that they would both cover themselves in to throw it off- and they both end up being destroyed by the big bad thing which I have deliberately left unnamed.

My point is, knowledge is important. the ability to apply that knowledge soundly is slightly more important.

But you can see how wisdom without knowledge isn’t even a thing, and knowledge without wisdom, even though a thing, is not one you want to embrace.

This here, is wisdom then, friends.

Having knowledge, as much as you can manage to have with relevance.

Borrowing the wisdom to utilize this knowledge too. From your genes, or from more knowledge.