An Introduction To This Madness.

You know that eureka moment you get? Perhaps after a particularly good meal, or an outing with friends, or a meeting with a stranger, or after seeing a movie, or after reading a book, or after a fight? Well, I had one such not long ago. It led to a major decision.


No. I haven’t decided to get married and have 3 children. I haven’t decided to become a priest either. I wish it was something as fancy as deciding to go back to school for a major in law but nah.

I have decided to start writing again.

Apart from the fact that there is nothing particularly spectacular about this, there are a few things to note.

For a long time, I have struggled to write with direction as people usually do. By “direction”, I mean, have a particular theme or genre that is focused on.There is no need to mention that I have failed at this times without number.

It was an unending debate of what to focus on, as there were too many ways I wanted to write. And I wanted to have it all on one platform. The problem with this is I wanted people to know what to expect when they visited my blog.

Otherwise it would be something like :

Visit Blog Day 1 morning: See Fiction

Visit Blog Day 1 evening : See Technology piece

Visit Blog Day 2: See Philosophical musings 

Visit Blog Day 3 morning: See Documentary on wildlife.

Visit Blog Day 3 evening: See Diary

Lol. 😀 See what i mean?

Anyways, i have recently decided that first I must write. Regardless of how disjoint everything seems.

One day perhaps, I shall be able to make sense of it all. Or see the pattern.

For now, let us make do with categories and tags shall we? 🙂

Hi, I’m Lynda.


  • Imma

    Way to start when it comes to creativity … Creativity is like water: it flows this way today and that way tomorrow, that is, unless it is constrained.

    • Lynda

      True sir. And thankfully, I have decided to embrace it. 🙂